Universal Viewer是款文件檔案通用的檢視器,說穿了就是他能夠瀏覽大部分電腦內的各式檔案,諸如文字檔、圖片檔、影音檔、網頁....等,就算無法直接瀏覽的檔案類型,也還是可以透過外掛插件的方式來實現,所以使用Universal Viewer來檢視檔案幾乎不需另開任何軟體,一個介面足以搞定大部分格式,這樣應該夠方便了吧!!

Universal Viewer(ATViewer)是一款支持廣泛的檔案格式的檔案瀏覽器。該軟體集成於已經安裝到你的電腦上的大多數現有的瀏覽器,並且允許你為任何未知的檔案類型使用一個十六進制,文本或者二進制格式進行瀏覽。Universal Viewer可預覽大量檔案格式,包括PDF文檔、Office文檔、圖片、各種網頁和編碼、字體檔案、Flash Video、音樂文件以及影片檔案。

你可以通過獲取插件的方式增加對額外檔案格式的支持。Universal Viewer支持製作者插件。

Universal Viewer (ATViewer) is an advanced file viewer with wide range of formats supported. Implemented view modes and corresponding file formats are:
  • Text, Binary, Hex, Unicode: any files, of unlimited size (even 4Gb+ sizes are allowed)
  • RTF, UTF-8: RTF and UTF-8 encoded texts
  • Image: all general graphics formats: BMP JPG GIF PNG TGA TIFF... plus all formats supported by IrfanView/XnView external viewers
  • Multimedia: all formats supported by MS Windows Media Player: AVI MPG WMV MP3...
  • Internet: all formats supported by MS Internet Explorer: HTML XML DOC XLS...
  • Plugins: all formats supported by Total Commander Lister plugins

Version 3.1.0 (23 Feb 2008):

  • Added: Search:
    • Option "Text -- Suggest selection as search text".
    • Option "Text -- No error message, beep instead".
    • Option "Misc -- Save search history".
  • Added: Printing:
    • Image preview dialog uses ATPrintPreview 1.3.
    • "Page setup" dialog allows to enter margins.
    • Text: page numbers printed.
    • Text: page range enabled in Print dialog.
  • Added: Multimedia mode "MCI" returned back.
  • Added: Text mode: Notepad minor feature: follow file tail on resize.
  • Changed: Hidden options renamed/deleted.
  • Fixed: Text mode: Vertical scrollbar could disappear on some files.
  • Fixed: "Reload" command now closes the file if it was deleted.
  • Fixed: Search strings could save without leading space.

◎.此軟體免費、免安裝、支援多國語系。繁中語系切換→功"Options"→"Configure"→"Language"→"Chinese Traditional"
◎.此軟體試用系統:Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista

Universal Viewer 免安裝多國語系
Universal Viewer 免安裝多國語系
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